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Overview: Compressor Nebulizer For efficient Respiratory Therapy Efficient delivery of medication High nebulization rate ensures optimized treatment duration Nebulizer kit can be autoclaved Easy to operate and maintain Compact and travel convenient NE-C25S compressor nebulizer system is developed for effective management of asthma, allergies and other respiratory disorders Efficient Nebulizer Kit The nebulizer kit provides a dense aerosol in the therapeutic range. It has a 6ml medicine cup and leaves minimal residual medication. Compact design Compact sporty design and powerful delivery makes NE-C25S the product of choice for those who demand affordability and performance.OMRON is renowned for designing advanced monitors for use by medical professionals in clinics and hospitals. But we believe prevention is more effective than any treatment. Information about your health shouldn’t just be available to your doctor. We want to empower people to know and understand their bodies so they can control illnesses or avoid them altogether. That’s why we offer healthcare products that enable anyone to monitor their health in their own home, so they stay healthy and stay out of hospital. When your body talks, we can help you listen.


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